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If you have any questions or concerns regarding our services, refer to the articles below. All questions can be answered by calling our business Mon-Sun 24 Hours a day.

Local & Long Distance Towing
Private Property Impounds
Cost & Fees
Towing rates vary among regulated weight and distance, with a charge on delivery of your vehicle from point A to point B. All vehicles are inspected by driver and damages are noted, for liability purposes. Towing Solutions of Los Angeles is licensed, bonded, and fully insured. We have all appropriate truck sizes and beds for clients to insure the safety of your transported vehicle.  
All rates given include endless amenities such as gas, tax, mileage, insurance and liability.
Impounding is an essential part of the towing business and our industry’s standards. It is the demand of private property impound from ownership’s that keep the ball rolling. This domino effected standard can often cause commotion to the rightful owner of the impounded vehicle, However we assure and reserve the right to service if you are not the lawful owner of the vehicle that was intended removal purposefully with permission of private ownership.
Here at Towing Solutions, we offer A variety of city-wide towing services, for all local and surrounding communities of Los Angeles. As aforementioned, vehicles have different weight capacities such as our tow trucks. Accommodating our clients with appropriate and efficient working tow trucks can vary from light, medium, and heavy lifting towing. For a specific and accurate quote give us a call directly @

(213) 745-7478


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